Progress for Africa Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization based in Arusha, Tanzania, which is bringing together the work of local population and international volunteers since 2014.

About us

Capable population

The main goal of the NGO is to contribute to reach a decent state of well-being for the neighbors in our community, by making sure that their basic needs are covered.


We work from and for the neighborhood with the help of volunteers, who cooperate with us for different lengths of time.

Change and progress

We are a nonreligious and nonpolitical organization, which believes in civil society as the primary source of change and development.

What we do

Thanks to the neighborhood’s energy and the help provided by volunteers specialized in each field we have focused on the following areas:


Given the high birth and mortality rate in Tanzania, of the estimated 50 million inhabitants, more than half are under the age of 18.
This presents a problem when it comes to offering public free education to 100% children, being the intention of the current government.

Further more the classrooms are saturated: the student to teacher ratio is approximately one teacher to every hundred students.

This is the main reason why, from day one, we have been involved in educational projects.

In Progress for Africa, we strongly believe that children are the base for any social change. That’s why, without forgetting the government standards, we want them to receive influences of education methods such as Montessori, consisting in empowering respect, cooperating sense and every student own potential.

Activities such as letting the professor listen to the interests of the students after every day of class so he/she can use them for his acknowledgment, working through their feelings and letting them express freely what is what they liked the most and what they didn´t of the class.
Above all, we never forget the importance of them enjoying and assuming their learning like a fun activity, where mutual respect and group working is necessary to make from the class and the world a better place.


Help me to do it by myself – María Montessori

Architecture and ecological sustainability

In Progress for Africa we are in charge of projecting the spaces and environments, applying the Tanzanian local methodology together with the knowledge of international volunteers to build places that satisfy the detected needs.

Moreover, we also design eco-friendly and sustainable projects, which improve the facilities and services of the beneficiaries of the projects. Subsequently, a follow-up of its development is carried out to ensure its functioning.

One of our latest projects is a washing machine-bike thanks to a project funded by the Madrid Architecture School. It allows washing clothes without the need of current water and electrical supply. Understanding this task as time-consuming, we want to facilitate the housework to any domestic unit in the neighbor.

Nuestra Historia


Queen´s nursery school

This local school is run by a neighbor. Around 10 and 15 students, being between 3 and 10 years old, attend to the classes.

During the summer of 2014 two Spanish volunteers who helped by bringing school supplies as well as developing different didactic material with the aim of creating a more dynamic methodology.


Upendo Orphanage School

A neighbor called Nancy built a classroom in her own house to teach children of ages between 3 and 10 years old.

During the summer of 2015 we enrolled 85 students who went to school from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and received a daily meal.


Chagua Maisha

In 2016, we got into the project Chagua Maisha.
Aftr studying Arusha city, we spoted a expanding neighbour at the outskirts. It lacked electricity and drinking water, as well as enough stores and distribution of goods. Due to the lack of seats in the few neighborhood schools, and the lack of financial resources of many families, many children can't go to school. So we decided to create Chagua Maisha in order to work with all those shortcomings providing a quality education for girls and boys and adults whom otherwise wouldn't get access it.

This year we started with the first part of the project in which after launching a successful crowdfunding on the platform, and charitable events, we raised enough funds to start the heart of the project; the construction of a school, building in which different activities are developed by Progress dor Africa, and which also represents a meeting point for all the neighbours. This way, we work in the areas of education, health, food and advice. Through talks, classes and different events.

Been the construction of the school in process, the local team organized visits to families as well as to medical clinics, schools, pharmacies and other institutions that might be of interest to us in order to develop the project in harmony with the reality of BornCity.

In this video we show the achievements in 2016 thanks to the support of families, friends and colleagues who decided to bet and trust on our work with their help and encouragement.


Chagua Maisha

In January 2017, the school opened its doors to provide 26 children with pre-primary education, as well as some workshops directed to their families dealing with education sensibilization, and skills training in. To further improve Chagua Maisha education, a school playground was later designed and created in the free school’s backyard.

Área de juego infantil

At the end of the year, we proudly hold the first graduation of our kids, as they were ready to start class 1.

Foto de graduacion

Concurrent to our schoolwork, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, sports and leisure activities are held, fully open to the neighborhood. In the context of this camp we work on sportive health, collaborative games, healthy completion, autonomy, communitarian cares, and, over all, we offer a place free of street dangers where children can play, get to know each other and self-develop.

One of our dreams was to create a space where the neighbors of Born City attend in case they need help, where they develop their skills and foster their empowerment in order to be free to decide their present and future. This was the main motivation that led us to design and build our public space where women, men, elders and children are welcomed. Our ultimate goal is to enable a space which the neighborhood can manage by its own.

Mujeres juntas

With the aim of making the project self-sustainable in the future, Chagua Maisha carried out a deep market study in order to develop a business whose profits would be 100% invested in the maintenance of the project. That’s how it was decided to build a Duka: a small shop which would offer goods the neighborhood community don´t have easy access to. As a complementary labor and related to local empowerment, workshops about economy, accounting and management have been also held for local volunteers.

Duka: pequeña tienda
Progress for Africa logo

¡ Keep up to date with Current Project !


Current Project

Chagua Maisha has opened a second class! Considering our first pilot class to be a success, we decided to step forward keep on growing and widening the direct impact in the neighborhood. As we understand the importance of gender perspective and women inclusion in our project, the second teacher was decided to be a woman.

Husna’s class

Moreover, Chagua Maisha is becoming a point of reference in the neighborhood Born City. Our public space is consolidating itself as a fundamental tool for the neighbors develop and transform their reality within their own wills and necessities.

Every day from Monday to Saturday there are a group of women who cook meals, at reasonable prizes, becoming themselves agents of the space dynamization.

¡También jugamos al fútbol! A principios del año 2018, comenzamos un equipo de fútbol con algunos adolescentes del barrio que continúan de lunes a viernes entrenando y jugando juntos.

The coach

Awards received

We are lucky there are people who recognize our work.

Winners of the IVth prize for the universitary volunteering. Fundación Mutua Madrileña

Progress won the IV university volunteer awards granted by FundaciónMutua Madrileña.


Axonometry - Achievements and goals

Both the team in Tanzania and Spain are really grateful to see our work and effort recognized.
It’s so reassuring to see how new individuals as well as institutions join the Progress For Africa family, giving us their support and making this project go forward. A project that from the beginning has had very ambitious goals and through teamwork, strength, enthusiasm and determination keeps reaching them.
Thanks to Fundación Mutua Madrileña for joining the Progress for Africa family!

Dossier 2018

For more information check out the CHAGUA MAISHA PFA DOSSIER.

Business project

Winners of the ETSAM Emprende contest.

Winners of the ETSAM Emprende contest.

ELZUMOYA is a project carried out by a group of architects from the ETSAM (Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid).
The idea was born in Arusha, Tanzania, while we were working on the project of building the Chagua Maisha school with the NGO Progress for Africa.

Back in Spain we continued developing our machine-bike project and we built a new blender-bike, which we intended to use in fundraising events whose profits would be donated entirely to Progress for Africa.
We decided to participate in this contest in order to finance these events in Madrid, as well as workshops in Arusha for the neighbors to build new machine-bike prototypes, such as a washing machine bike, water pump bike, generator-bike or a de-stemming bike.


Check out the DOSSIER for more details.

Get involved

For the maintenance of the fix expenses correspondent to the two classes of the school, including the teacher´s salaries, the financial commission chose the option of looking for the collaboration of private donors through the micro-donations platform, which consists in the monthly donation of one single Euro.

Reaching the amount of 700 Teamers, these losses would be completely covered.

Collaborate with us through Teaming

If you would like to contribute, click here
and feel welcome to our space in Teaming.

The need of obtaining new resources through particular donations, is fundamental to carry out the new projects that Progress for Africa has in mind to realize, as well as taking part of private entities contests and celebrating benefic events.

Private donatives

Through bank transfer
deposit in bank account ("Concept: donation + full name + ID number")

  • Bank: La CAIXA
  • Account holder: Progress Spain
  • IBAN: ES55 2100 0955 8002 1028 3299

Thank you for your help!!


While we have been involved in various projects and specialized in certain fields, we are taking care of the needs of a neighborhood, which is constantly changing. We respond to people facing different realities. For that reason, every project can be different to the previous one.

If you would like to collaborate with us, visit the tab “Current project” or send us an email to get more information about the projects that are under way.

All together


Due to our activity reorganization, we are not currently accepting new volunteers.

We will inform you about our reopening of vacancies as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with us!

Sharing Ideas

In this section we share the solutions, experiences and knowledge we have gained as a result of our work in the different projects of Progress For Africa. The goal is to make the information and values brought up by each project accessible so it can be used by others.

Manual for construction with limited resources

Manual for construction with limited resources

The architecture commission designed a manual to construct with limited resources.
This study was carried out based on the construction of the typical buildings in Oriental Africa, specifically in the region of Arusha.

Introduction to Swahili. 4 steps

On our Youtube channel.

Greetings and farewell expressions

Numbers and 4 animals

Parts of the body


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